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3D45 Print Plate for 3D Printer
Dremel 3D45 Print Plate Platform
Original spare part 3D45 pressure plate from Dremel 1x rubber fixation from eXODA Set pressure plate with fixation Plastic edged glass plate 25,5 cm x 15,5 cm x 17,0 cm von Bosch Nr.: 15914 EAN: 4059952334295 Replacement pressure plate...
€70.98 *
Fan compatible with Dremel 3D45 spare parts
Fan compatible with Dremel 3D45 spare parts
Fan blower compatible with Dremel 3d45 printer durable with long life spare part for your Dremel 3D printer absolutely silent von Dremel Nr.: 16190 EAN: 4260488419480 The perfect spare part for your Dremel 3D45. At some point, a...
€39.98 *
Nozzle for the 3D45 3D printer
Nozzle for Dremel 3D45 Printer Nozzle
Nozzle for Dremel 3d45 printer high quality processing easy to clean, risk of clogging is minimised reliable filament flow suitable for a wide range of filament types material: brass, less friction and adhesion of filament von Bosch Nr.:...
€35.98 *
3D45 Cleaning 3D printer cleaning needle 3D40
3D45 3D50 3D Printer Cleaning Needle for Dremel...
made of high-quality metal alloy for perfect cleaning flexible and yet extremely stable at the same time 12 cm total length of the cleaning needle 1.5 mm needle diameter with crossbar for a secure grip suitable for Dremel 3D45, 3D40 and...
€20.99 *